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Attitudes and Behaviours

We enter a period of schooling which will be unlike any other in modern times, we at Herrick would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to both our 'Herrick Character' and 'Learning Attitudes', which we nurture and develop amongst all our children. In these times and going forward, we are determined to ensure that, 'learning never stops' – no matter what!

We want our children to be equipped with whatever life throws at them, for them to have key characteristics and an attitude that encompasses all the aspects of a positive learning culture. These two core features are essential in being successful in the 21st century - the uncertainty of qualifications, career paths, jobs etc. make 'character' and 'attitudes' all the more important.

The Herrick Character
  • Integrity - makers of right choices
  • Resilient - never giver uppers
  • Empathy - helper of others
  • Citizen - members of the community and
  • Courage - finders of the unknown
Learning Attitudes
Herrick Primary School
I am curious I am independent I like a challenge I like to investigate I am confident

To those who are new to the school, we welcome you – as with all children and staff at Herrick Primary School, your child's happiness, safety and well-being will always be our priority.

Umesh Patel

Herrick Primary School
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Headteacher: Mr U Patel
Herrick Primary School Herrick Primary School
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