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Herrick Primary School
Herrick Primary School is fully committed to encouraging all our children to achieve their full potential in both learning and social development. Our mission statement: 'to give each and everyone a chance'.

Stay well and stay safe.

Dear Parents/Carers

As we begin the summer holidays, ending an academic year which has been unlike any other in modern times, we at Herrick would like to take this opportunity to thank you for becoming the home school teachers and ensuring that, 'learning never stops'.

It has been a difficult and strange time, nevertheless it has been said that, 'every cloud has a silver lining' – it is our hope that you have been fortunate enough to take from this bad situation an element of good, even though this may not be immediately apparent! We have heard of how children have supported siblings, shown a higher level of appreciation, become more independent, helped with chores around the home - baked cakes, washed the dishes, collected clothes from the clothesline, cut the grass and even tidied bedrooms. Our children showing the Herrick Character – they make us so proud.

You are your child's first teacher and with almost 6 months away from school we encourage you to work with your child over the summer with just the right mix of fun - hopefully in the sun, family time, making the most of these new experiences and studying to reinforce the skills learned this year.

For those in year 6, we are sending you off to secondary school as- makers of right choices, never giver uppers, helper of others, members of the community and finders of the unknown. Well done and congratulations. Please always remember that although you are leaving Herrick Primary School you remain part of the 'Herrick Family'.

To those who are new to the school, we welcome you – like for all our children, your child's happiness, safety and well-being will always be our priority.

Stay well and stay safe.
From all at Herrick Primary School

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