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Herrick Primary School
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Challenges: your feedback
Please use the form below to tell us which challenges you have completed, and how well you feel you did.

Khushi - Year 6
How many ways can you say bye and standing on one leg.
Comment: I think I did well and it was actually fun!

Aarav - Year 5
I have completed how many ways to say bye, baking and making my own board game.
Comment: It was enjoyable especially the part when I baked a tart and made my own board game

Omal - Year 1
I made puzzle game London tower
Comment: My mum help me

Rianna - Year 6
how many ways to say bye
Comment: I felt that this challenge was very easy

zayaan minhaj - Year 2
playing board game mastermind code cracker ,indoor exercise challenge with my dad and reading roald dahl books.
Comment: I think I am doing realy good.

Darshan rupra - Year 1
different ways to say bye and board game monopoly junior
Comment: my sister helped me with didfferent ways to say bye

Amari - Year 6
how many ways to say bye and lego
Comment: very well-easily

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